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A Warranty Like No Other

Sun-Ease offers a warranty only Panorama PremierPlus Dealers can offer. Once you’ve installed Panorama® window film to make your home or business safer and more comfortable, you can rest assured that your wise investment is protected. Your Panorama® window film is backed by the PremierPlus warranty, which gives you exceptional coverage and one of the longest terms in the industry.

Hilite Series

Features high optical clarity with low reflectance for uncompromised views, while rejecting 55% of the total solar energy for high heat rejection -- keeping you more comfortable and lowering cooling expenses.


Those looking for a solution to solar heat protection while maintaining the clear appearance of glass.


Pushing the boundaries of window film technology, the Hilite series is the ultimate spectrally selective film.

The latest and most innovative film from Solar Gard is Panorama Hilite which gives you an exceptional combination of protection and peace of mind. Because it is spectrally selective, Hilite offers you unique performance advantages that maximize the benefits of sunlight while blocking the harmful rays. 


HIlite also features the highest levels of optical clarity, conveys maximum visible light and is non-reflective. Your home or commercial building is more comfortable without overloading yoru air conditioner, providing impressive energy savings.  Light sensitive furnishings, floors and artwork are sheilded from the heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. Hilite is virtually invisible on your windoes so your views are as beautiful as ever.

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Panorama Solar Films

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