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1982 - 2018

Window Tinting Boulder

In the Fall of 1982, Maggie Greene started Sun-Ease as a solo entrepreneur. Her first hire Rebecca joined the team in 1986 and continues to be Sun-Ease's top installer over 30 years later.


Bob Zarat took over sales at Sun-Ease in 1987 and married Maggie shortly after. Together they had two sons, Sam & Jesse, who grew up installing film and continue to help with marketing, sales, & business operations.


With sincerity from our family, we welcome you to Sun-Ease Window Tinting. Now proudly family owned & operated for 36 years!

A Lifetime of Dedication

Window Tinting Boulder

A lot has changed over the decades, but a lot has remained the same.


Film technology has made incredible advancements and we've moved shops a few times, but our dedication to quality and the pride we take in making our customers happy is unchanged.


We believe experience and knowledge is what sets us apart from the competition and if you care to give us a call, Maggie will answer the phone with the same joy and desire to help that pushed her to start the company so many years ago.

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