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Ecolux Series

Feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter using less energy both day and night. Its state-of-the-art low-e techology is sophisticated, but what it does is simple.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime (15 Yrs. Commercial) Warranty from Solar Gard.

Including protection from adhesive failure, cracking, bubbling, peeling, or any other manufacturers defect.

Get comfortable with the window film that does it all

Solar Gard has developed an exciting new low-e window film called Ecolux that we would like to introduce you to. Ecolux proprietary technology is complicated, but what it does is simple. Ecolux helps keep your interior climate the way you like it in all seasons.The moment it is installed, Ecolux goes to work for you. During cooler months, Ecolux captures heat and directs it back into the room improving overall comfort, lowering energy use and helping you save money on heating bills. In warmer months, Ecolux reflects solar heat away from windows, reducing the need and cost for interior cooling. We know you work hard for your money and with Ecolux we want to help you keep it.

Solar Gard Solar Films

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